Foreign Body Removal Kits are designed for ease of transport to carry instruments you will need most in the field and in the clinic for Foreign Body Removal.

Includes: Laforce Golf Club Spud (small blade), 18 gauge Lacrimal Cannula, Castroviejo Double Ended Lacrimal Dilator, Jewelers Forcep, Schepens type Scleral Depressor (frees up your fingers), Desmarres Lid retractor, Cilia forcep, Adult Speculum (Barraquer), Child Speculum (Barraquer), Algerbrush II with .5mm burr and 6.5″ x 4″ (.75″ deep) Sterilizable/ Autoclavable Polymer Instrument Tray.

Surgical Stainless Steel.
Unconditionally Warranted While You Are A Student and Beyond.
Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects.