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Strong Vision Technology (an FDA listed company) was formed in an effort to improve the quality of products available to Doctors and Student Doctors alike while reducing the cost of being a provider.  We use the equipment we sell!

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+1 760 462 JUMP (5867)

760 462 JUMP (5867)


8700 Maci Blvd.

Parma, MI  49269


Contact Us

As a division of Chainworks Inc. (an ISO9001-2008 company); we partner with

manufacturers across the world to provide our customers the very best quality

ophthalamic instruments and diagnostic devices at the lowest possible prices.

We utilize Optometrists and Ophthalmalogists to evaluate our instruments in care

settings.  If you are doctor and wish to evaluate our products, please call or write

us.  We offer product and service discounts to those serving on our evaluation teams.

We look forward to assisting you.